The Mustached Fecundity - My Baby Whistles When She Walks


Miami on my mind

Uno likes to read the guide book about Miami and look at the maps. And it's more fact than fantasy. It seems the sun is always shining in Miami. Here it rains all the time. It's been windy and rainy for a month now, with very few exceptions. Uno hasn't thought much about the weather; he usually doesn't, except that he's good at predicting it. He likes to be prepared for the weather, but when it's there, he accepts it without thinking too much about it. Uno is not affected as much by external factors, he takes things as they ...

An appreciated gift

Have you hooked on the latest trend? I have! I love muffins! It is so crazy good and I love to bake cupcakes and then dekoerera them in all sorts of different colors and flavors. In recent years it's become very popular with cup cakes there are almost available at every coffee shop and there are infinitely many different recipes for them. I like to bake them and then give away such a gift to friends. I have found very nice paper cups that you put cupcakes in. I've found that it is a very appreciated gift.